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At CNCTECH, we pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence.

We leverage state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to consistently deliver high-quality results that exceed expectations. By combining cutting-edge technology with cost-effective practices, we ensure that our products and services are not only superior but also economically efficient. Our focus on precision and innovation drives us to continually raise the bar, setting new standards for quality and performance in everything we do.


This dynamic powerhouse seamlessly fuses milling and turning operations, delivering unparalleled precision, speed, and cost-saving efficiency in a single, game-changing setup.

65″ x 65″ x 43.3″ Table size, 10000 Lb Capacity

  1. Milling and turning combined for enhanced efficiency and reduced production time.
  2. DirectDrive table with rapid rotational speeds up to 400 rpm for precise machining.
  3. Superior surface quality through integrated grinding technology.
  4. Exceptional accuracy with water-cooled feed drive and Spindle Growth Sensor (SGS) for maximum precision.
  5. 50% higher cutting power through powerMASTER 1000 motor spindle.
  6. TorqueMASTER technology provides enhanced machine performance.
  7. Efficient tool replenishment with a 5.6-second replenishment time and 453 tool pockets.
  8. Significant cost savings through workforce efficiency optimization and high-quality molds.
  9. Streamlined operations with an integrated rotary plate for multi-component molds.
  10. High precision and repeatability for machining tasks.

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The machine at our facility

8760 Fastems – Multi Level System FMS ONE

The FMS ONE handles even our most demanding and complex manufacturing settings. It manages tools, finishing processes, quality control, automatic fixture loading (and manual machine tool scheduling.)
All this affords CNCTech.com incredible up-time for all projects.

22 Pallets 500mm x 500mm

  1. Easy and straightforward extendability
  2. Great user ergonomics and intuitive operations
  3. Material logistics integration
  4. Automation solution for every 3 to 5 axis machine tool
  5. High pallet transfers per hour-capacity
  6. Ready for robotic applications
  7. Ready for customized integration

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The machine at our facility


A highly precise CNC milling machine known for its stability and efficiency. It offers exceptional performance in milling operations, making it a top choice for accuracy and productivity.

5- Axis 28" x 25" x 22"1700lbs

  1. Comprehensive cooling measures, high-performance coolant unit and multi-sensor compensation as standard
  2. From 5 µm positioning accuracy in standard
  3. Stiff construction with high static masses and balanced moving parts
  4. Full package including swivelling rotary table and chip conveyor
  5. Also available in mill- /turn - version for complete machining with 1,000 Nm table-torque
  6. Automatic pallet changer for a total of three pallets
  7. 600 kg maximum load, with crane loading into working area up to 1,000 kg and workpieces up to ø 630 mm

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The machine at our facility

Vision Wide 2021

With an 85” x 63” x 30” travel range and a robust 17,000 lbs table load, it's a powerhouse for substantial machining tasks. Operating at 6,000 RPM, this CNC machine seamlessly combines size and precision for versatile performance.

85”x 63”x30”, 17000 lbs table load, 6000 Rpm

  1. Ultra-wide base of X axis with thick high rigidity table enhances table load capacity and ensures the best dynamic level accuracy.
  2. Large stepped design of Y axis makes guide ways close to beam and spindle which effectively increases the rigidity of cutting load.
  3. Z axis 15m rapid traverse, high acceleration/deceleration performance to achieve contour accuracy of high-speed mold machining.
  4. Spindle and thermal compensation function for environmental temperature change can be chosen to ensure the accuracy change within 0.02mm which is influenced by environmental temperature change.

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The machine at our facility

YCM Double Vertical Column Mill

The YCM double column vertical machining centers are designed to handle large parts, delivering excellent price/performance. Every machine tool is built and handcrafted for rigidity, thermal stability, and repeatability.

78”x47”x30”, 9000 lbs table load, 1000 rpm

    • One-piece column and base for stability.
  1. Roller-type guideways on X/Y axis for smooth movement.
  2. Direct drive motors on 3 axes to reduce backlash and ensure axial accuracy.
  3. Highly responsive servo motors on three axes, using ball screws with direct drive and absolute encoder measurement to ensure rigidity and accuracy without backlash.
  4. Z-axis equipped with a box guideway reinforced through an induction hardening process, precision ground, and FEM analysis for cutting rigidity.
  5. Isolated Direct Drive (IDD) design for the spindle.
  6. 10,000rpm IDD spindle driven by a 22kW dual-step AC digital spindle motor, capable of max torque output of 36.04kgf-m at 500rpm.
  7. Unique IDD design reduces spindle vibration and optimizes heat isolation, maintaining excellent accuracy over extended operation periods.

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A high-performance machining center designed to enhance precision manufacturing with superior efficiency and reliability for a wide range of industrial applications.

40" x 22" x 20".
X travels 1,100 mm, Y travels 560mm, Z travels 510mm.
Max Table load 1000kg, Table Length 1,400mm, Table Width 560mm

  1. The C-frame benchmark for highest rigidity
    • Improved C-frame concept with movable table as X-axis.
  2. Rigid Y-axis concept in whole range of travel.
  1. FEM-optimized design & construction.
  2. Precision in every component and detail .
    • Accuracy of positioning in all axes of 0.00023 in without linear scales (according to ISO 230-2).
  3. Ball-screws made in first class of tolerances (IT 1).
  1. Sophisticated design, small footprint and large working area - combined in the CMX V series.
    • Improved ergonomics for easy handling and loading of heavy workpieces.

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Engineered with innovative servo-driven systems and intelligent controls, this machine delivers precise machining capabilities.

Travels: X=47" x Y=28" x Z=18"
Tank size: 93" x 53" x 28"
Max Table Load: Unlimited

The machine at our facility

Aristech 450 CNC

Engineered with innovative servo-driven systems and intelligent controls, this machine delivers precise machining capabilities.With cutting-edge spindle technology and adaptive controls, the Aristech 450 CNC offers efficient production for a variety of components and prototypes.

Travels: X=16" x Y=12" x Z=8"
Tank size: 60" x 35" x 20"
Max Table Load: 3000lbs

Hurco VM 10 - 3 Axis Carbon Machining

Built for reliability and performance, with advanced carbon machining capabilities and intuitive control.

Travels: X=26″ x Y=16″ x Z=20″
Max Table Load: 3300lbs

The machine at our facility

Canadian Crane 10 TON

Ford F-550 Super Duty XL

9000lbs towing capacity

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